NELA Small Business


As communities evolve, small businesses face tough competition in a changing environment. The majority of businesses along neighborhood corridors are small businesses that help create a sense of place and community identity. To ensure the unique set of commercial activity continues to proper, we recommend additional support services for small NELA businesses, including:

  • Developing and adopting a program that encourages

    private and governmental entities to purchase goods and

    services from local NELA businesses;
  • Fostering entrepreneurial thinking by supporting and

    expanding entrepreneur-training programs, apprentice

    opportunities and business services;
  • Forming a business improvement district (BID) to

    collectively market and brand NELA commercial

    corridors, such as Los Feliz Blvd, Glendale Blvd, San

    Fernando Rd, Fletcher Rd, Cypress Ave and Figueroa S
  • Improving outreach efforts of small business assistance

    programs and resources that target NELA small businesses

    that do not have the capacity to seek out such resources.



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