People of Atwater Village: Mike Ferrari


Been here since two-thousand-four. Bought the house in two thousand four.

What do you think of Atwater?

It's a sweet little neighborhood. You can't find a better location that is central or easy to get your way around the city. I can ride to work in Hollywood and get there in twenty minutes by bicycle.

You use your bike?

Yeah I ride my bike, I have an electric bike. I know a bunch of people on the boulevard. I used to teach yoga at Heartbeat House.

And the river?

Walk the river all the time. We go up there and pick figs and pomegranates, depending on the season. We ride our bikes to the river a lot, or we take the goats for a walk along the river.

The goats?

Yeah we take the goats for a walk. Usually it's an early morning walk, and we take the goats along the river and they'll snack on the shrubs and that sort of thing.

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