People of Cypress Park: Jazmin Diaz


I am Jazmin Diaz.

I love my neighborhood. Everyone tells me when you grow up do you wanna leave? I say, no I wanna stay. I can walk around and not be afraid of my environment.

Last night police officers did stopped to see what age I was. And I told them my age, I'm eighteen, and they told me, be safe, go home. And that makes me feel safe, you know that they're patrolling, making sure people are in their houses after hours, you know.

My friends, they're all my neighbors, and they're all a couple blocks away. We like to hang out. We used to go to the elementary school, Aragon, we also went to Nightingale. So, yeah, we've all been here, we're all best friends, we've never been separated.

The above interview is transcribed and edited from the following interview:

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