People of Elysian Valley: Bernice Leung


Bernice Leung. I think it's like almost, 30-28 years.

28 years.

Yeah. Because when I get to the garden it's good and far away, I think it's like more than half a mile, for the exercise. I come here, by the water and I do something. It's good for me for the exercise.

What kind of garden do you have?

Like the footplan? Right now it's like this. Last year I planted squash, the big one. We plant different things based on the season.  During summer there is Arugula, that kind of thing.

So now what do you have here?

Right now is beans, and I don't know how to say the Chinese name for that one.

How often do you come here?

Right now it's, because I have a little dog. They help me to water, my dog is too little, it's too far to take him to come here. Before I went almost every day. In the morning, right around the water and I would come back. Right now it's a lot better. Like before I was running, There's not that many people. Right now there's bicycles and a lot of people.

You like to go to the river?

That's why every morning I come here to exercise.

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