People of Elysian Valley: Father Hugh Crowe


First name is 'Hugh,' H-U-G-H. Crowe, C-R-O-W-E. 26 years.

Well the good is all the good people we have. The people we have you know, and there's nothing very bad about it. In fact it has improved over the years, there's less troubled young people out there than there were. There were, we have good schools, good location, beautiful area. The river, them hills roundabout. I think this is one of the most beautiful areas in Los Angeles County. And I'm certainly very pleased to be living here. Well the community are pretty cooperative with me. We have different ethnic groups in the community. We have a lot of Hispanics of course, then we have Filipinos, we have Thailanders, Vietnamese, few Koreans. There's that community garden just down here, close to us. Have you seen that?

I'm retired, actually. Well the churches, we have about the same number coming to church as we had, about the same number you know? Well I have to live somewhere, you know? And I'm 81-years-old and I don't feel like traveling. Very fortunate I have this house all to myself. And I, just beside the church, I see mass every morning. And I help on Sundays and some people drop in to see me now and again.

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