People of Glassell Park: Lourdes Cerda


Tengo como 40 y tantos años aquí. Me dedico a vender mis nopalitos para acabalar la renta porque no acabalo la renta para lo que recibo del seguro ... $925 para la renta y recibo $826.

Dos veces por semana [hago este trabajo]. Empiezo a las 4 a.m. y termino hasta las 3 de la tarde. Voy hasta la Olympic y la Soto a traerlos en el bus.


I've been living in this area for forty-something years. My job is to sell these "nopalitos" (cactuses) so I can make rent, because I don't make enough money with what I receive from social security. My rent's $925 and I only receive $826.

Twice a week I'm out here working. I start at 4 a.m. and end around 3 p.m.. I go all the way down to Olympic and Soto to bring my nopales by bus.

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