People of Glassell Park: Melinda Luis


My name is Melinda Luis. I'm a teacher and daycare operator. This is very important because these are the formative years for these children in this area. It is nice that I am able to share my knowledge and care for these children to continue what the parents are doing at home. I also tell the parents what else they can do for their children. I've been here since 1989. I started my family daycare in 1996, and I collaborate with head start.

This is not work, this is really just love for the kids. The children are able to see what's outside their home and what's outside their community. We are able to help them look forward to the future, and see that it is a good future for them. We can share all the knowledge and experiences that we have, and show them that there is more out there now that they can get if they work for it.

It is nice to get responses from the parents and children. There is so much to say about the good things about them. These children are so innocent and now we're giving them the best. They like what they see, and I like to help them.

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