People of Glassell Park: Miguel Martinez


My name's Miguel Martinez and I'm from Glassell Park. I've lived here for 16, about to be 17 years, since I was born. I like this area because there are scenic areas. Just by walking around you can discover a new part of the street or a back road that you've never been to before. You go up them and then you see a perfect view of the entire neighborhood. Compared to the western areas there are a lot more places to explore and a lot more wilderness around here too.

I go to Sotomayor, the new high school that they just built on San Fernando Road. I feel like it's a good school. It's an eclectic mix of different races. I also like going to the river here because around here it's not that hard to get to. It's just across the train tracks right there. You can see it from the San Fernando Park, which is the Rio de Los Angeles State Park, but around here we call it the San Fernando Park.

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