People of Glassell Park: Wilbert Martinez


Wilbert Martinez. I'm a resident of Glassell Park. I've been here for more than 24 years and I love the area. It's nice. Everything's near by, and the LA River has been awesome these last few years, especially since they have been doing the L.A. River cleanup project. I volunteered a few years ago to help clean it up and it's been going ever since. I have a car, but I also have two or three bikes, and I still use my bike to go and check out the L.A. River because of the changes.

Everything is nearby. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else because everything is close. Downtown L.A. is less than 10 minutes away and Hollywood is 15 to 20 minutes away.

I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Everything's here, and if not, you're in the middle of Downtown, Hollywood, Pasadena, Burbank and Glendale. It's pretty much the only place I know and I always know where to go to have fun and see certain attractions or side shows. I'm always on my phone looking for the latest thing. I saw the L.A. River cleanup online, and I was into it because I used to go there as a kid before they put in asphalt or anything like that. Before it was just concrete and it was awful. But now, it has become a lot better over the years.

I like the fact that they started using LED lights on the streets instead of the amber looking lights. Before, it had a kind of creepy look, but now everything's well lit. I think the change is good for everybody.

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