People of Lincoln Heights: Danny Duong


My name's Danny Duong and we're here in Lincoln Heights at the brewery arts complex.

I'm a web developer for a company called Two Bit Circuits. They are a group that works as a think tank and builds creative installations that help kids learn about S.T.E.A.M., which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Working in this space is really inspiring. We have different types of artists from all over the creative realm. We have people working on graphic art projects, building, laser cutting, even people hosting cooking workshops. There are a lot of different artists coming together and just being in the same area helps them to be more inspired and build off of each other.

I have worked to craft my living environment. I moved closer to work and have enjoyed being able to ride my bike to work. One of the criteria I was using to pick my next occupation was being able to ride to work, and being here gives me that advantage. I don't live on the complex, but I get to ride downhill to get here and it's a breeze. The most enjoyable part about working here is being able to live so close and ride to work.

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