People of Lincoln Heights: Gary Soldah


My name is Gary Soldah. This is Lincoln Heights. We've been in this area for five years, but about two years right around here. We really like the neighborhood. We have to be on the west side more, but we don't like living there so much. It's a lot more laid back here, and there is access to everything. You are next to every major highway so it is easy to get anywhere.

We have never had an issue. The fire department is out every three to five minutes. There is an element you want to be aware of in every neighborhood. I walk my dog, my wife and daughter walk him as well, and we have never had an issue.

There are a lot of big families and a lot of kids. You see them on their bikes and skateboards all the time. I think that the kids being out and about says something. There is a library right around the corner and it is a huge central location whether you are inside or not.

I like all the foot traffic around here. It is mostly families, and it does get busy when people are heading out to work or coming home. Other than that, you aren't waiting for people to pass so that you can walk. It is more laid back.

There are great places to walk. Up in these hills are some beautiful spots to take the baby and the dog. It's nice and has a lot of personality with some great people. Everyone in these little shops here are really nice. Everyone says hi. It is really communal.

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