People of Lincoln Heights: Grace Krilanovich


Grace Krilanovich and I'm here in Lincoln Heights.

I'm a writer of fiction and I also write nonfiction essays, I write about movies and music and books. I've been in Lincoln Heights for about two years but I've lived in L.A. for ten years now.

I like that it's close to Downtown, but it's also easy to go to other parts of the city, to Pasadena, Silver Lake, Echo Park, all over. It's so close to all of the freeways; it seems like you're ten minutes away from anything, basically. I've kinda been moving my way down the arroyo area. I lived in Highland Park for several years and really like living close to all the shops on Figueroa and York and so coming down to this part of Figueroa I feel like it's a continuation ... Down the same part of town in Northeast L.A. I have to say that this particular part of town, this part of Lincoln Heights ... I'm learning to like it more and more every day. I'm aware of how distinctive it is or how unusual it is to have, you know, all this ... These neighbors here and artists and this combination of ... Of people living right here. Not just residential.

I worked at the Los Angeles Times, so it was very easy to get to work. It's also close to the gold line. Even though I don't take the train as much anymore, it's nice being close to Downtown but not quite so close and it's also nice being somewhat close to Silver Lake or Echo Park, but it's a lot cheaper than those neighborhoods. This is an unusual part of Lincoln Heights because it's semi industrial, with a former a bus maintenance yard across the street and a thrift store. It's an unusual neighborhood in that there's the artist compound behind us and we know everybody on this block.

When I walk with my two year old down the street, it's like that sesame street thing, you know, these are the people in your neighborhood? We see the same people selling plants down the street, or the taco truck or the ... The ladies at revival know us and it's a very, um ... It's like a ... A micro neighborhood in this part of Lincoln Heights. I know of the plan for incorporating the L.A. State Historic Park into a huge revitalization of that area. I go down to L.A. State Historic Park a lot and I really like the farm lab landscaping and gardens that they have at the northern end. I go there a few times a week.

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