People of Lincoln Heights: Josef Heymanns


My name is Josef Heymanns. I like the area because it's affordable and people are still people. They accept you for who you are and that's really it. They're all friendly. People here talk to each other and help each other.

It's close to the river and Downtown. A lot is happening Downtown, concerts and stuff like that.

I'm a motorcycle mechanic. I work on these kinds of motorcycles right here. I've been a motorcycle mechanic for almost 30 years now. I work for a shop and most of the time I ride my motorcycle to work. But I also like bicycle riding.

I think it takes an hour and a half by bike and bus. The bus system is very good, I have to say. Bicycle and bus is a very good way to get around, it really is. You don't need a car, but sometimes it comes in handy.

The bicycle is good exercise, and you see more. You don't have to pay all that attention to the traffic. You are closer to the people instead of sitting in a car and just zooming through.

Sometimes I go to the river. They have a bicycle path and I take that. Other than that, I just make my own path. I just go where I feel like I want to go.

It takes me about three hours to go back and forth. But I don't care. I can ride the bike, but sometimes I prefer bicycle and bus. It's cheaper. I let the bus driver do the driving. You just sit on the bus and you get off when you get off, that's it.

You have to change your plan on time. Everything takes an hour or two hours, no matter where you go. But once you get used to that, it's all good. Get a bicycle and just do it. Be careful because everybody is on a phone, and doesn't pay attention. Keep on riding a bicycle, it's good for you.

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