People of Northeast Los Angeles: Bernice Leung


Bernice Leung. I think it's like almost, 30-28 years.

28 years.

Yeah. Because when I get to the garden it's good and far away, I think it's like more than half a mile, for the exercise. I come here, by the water and I do something. It's good for me for the exercise.

What kind of garden do you have? What kind of...

Like the footplan? Right now it's like this. Last year I planted squash. Like the big one. It's a different thing, like the season. The summer for the Arugula, that kind of thing.

So now what do you have here?

Right now is beans, and I don't know how to say the Chinese name for that one.

How often do you come here?

Right now it's, because I have a little dog. They help me to water, my dog is too little, it's too far to take him to come here. Before I went almost every day. In the morning, right around the water and I would come back. Right now it's a lot better. Like before I was running, There's not that many people. Right now there's bicycles and a lot of people.

You like to go to the river?

That's why every morning I come here to exercise.

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