The portrait series was born out of the Northeast Los Angeles Riverfront Collaborative (NELA RC), an interdisciplinary partnership that combines planning efforts, strategic investments, and an economic revitalization plan to help NELA communities thrive. The series aims to showcase the demographics around the L.A. River in Northeast Los Angeles, structured within an online hub of stories, discussions, and engagement activities inspired by life in the NELA communities.

The photo project, which spanned over a few months, allowed Palavecino to converse with residents who lived in five different neighborhoods including Glassell Park. The snapshots display individuals in their hobbies, everyday activities, and jobs.

In little time, Palavecino, who has over 30 years working behind the camera, got a sense of his subjects and had an idea of how to go about framing the images. Short audio snippets and a transcript accompany the portraits, with some stories transcribed in both English and Spanish.

Palavecino stresses the wide diversity of individuals he encountered on the project, and he describes his work as different from the portraits artists usually create in studios of staged lighting, sets and props.