Ribbon Gardens


The Ribbons Gardens is a proposal to revitalize underutilized spaces through a community owned food production system featuring plantar beds and sidewalk parkways. Although initially proposed for Elysian Valley, this project has NELA- wide applicability. As such, we offer this idea as model for any of the NELA communities to explore.

The construction and installation of plantar bed structures will act as catalyst for further community engagement around the issue of food access. A series of precut kits will be available to the community, enabling residents to transform the space in front of their houses with little more than a power drill. The simplicity of the process, roughly at $5,000 for the seven sites, also mirrors the complexity of its impact - from community building to fresh foods access.

Project submitted by Tim Bevins of Global Green, Honorable Mention for NELA-wide category of Design Competition.

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