Thoughts on the River: Ed Reyes

Ed Reyes served in the Los Angeles City Council from 2001 until 2013 as the representative of the 1st District. Growing up by the Los Angeles River, Reyes recognized the river's potential early on and incorporated it into his goals for his time in office. He chaired the Los Angeles River Ad Hoc Committee and focused a renewed attention on reviatlizing and sustaining the river and the surrounding area. Under his leadership, many projects including the completion of the Metro Gold Line and securing more public housing have succeeded.

Below are highlights from our conversation with Reyes; you can watch the whole interview above:

On his personal experience with the river:


On the transformation of the river so far:


On how residents' attitude toward the river has changed:


On the potential of the study:


On what it means to have the river project focused on Northeast Los Angeles:

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