Thoughts on the River: Eric Garcetti

Mayor Eric Garcetti on the Future of the LA River

In an exclusive interview immediately following the announcement of the Army Corps of Engineers' recommendation for the $1 billion plan for the L.A. River, Mayor Garcetti told us why the river is so important to the city's past and future, and to him personally; his thoughts on the NELA Riverfront Collaborative (of which we are the media partner); as well as an insight into the city's relationship to the federal government when it comes to projects like the L.A. River revitalization that could benefit the country's economy as a whole.

Below are highlights from our conversation with Mayor Garcetti; you can watch the whole interview above.

On lobbying the federal government in securing funds for the L.A. River:

On how the city will spend the funds allocated for L.A. River revitalization:

On the possible displacement of long-time residents along the river:

On why redevelopment along the river is important:

On the NELA Riverfront Collaborative:

On working with the community on city planning:

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