Thoughts on the River: Jan Perry

Thoughts on the River: Jan Perry
Thoughts on the River: Jan Perry

From 2001 to 2013 Jan Perry represented the 9th district of the Los Angeles City Council. Over the past decade, Perry supported major redevelopment projects in Downtown Los Angeles that represented more than $15 billion in investment along with $40 million in City tax revenue, and the creation of more than 90,000 full-time jobs. From catalytic developments like LA Live to iconic developments like Our Lady of Angeles Cathedral to major public buildings like the new Police Administrative Building--Perry was at the forefront of ensuring that downtown moved forward to meet its potential as the economic engine for the entire region.

Below are highlights from our conversation with Perry; you can watch the whole interview above.

On the importance of the L.A. River and water to the growth of Los Angeles:

On what the Army Corps' recommendation for the $1 billion river revitalization plan means for Los Angeles:

On looking to the San Antonio River for inspiration:

On how further river revitalization could be funded:

On the potential roadblocks to the vision of a revitalized L.A. River:

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