Thoughts on the River: Mitch O'Farrell

Thoughts on the River: Mitch O'Farrell

Mitch O'Farrell began his public service in 2002 under the leadership of then Councilmember Eric Garcetti. O'Farrell's experience as a field deputy, district director, and senior advisor to the former City Council President have given him the experience to make government work better for people across the 13th District. His plans include creating opportunities for more affordable housing; reforming City policy to help small, neighborhood businesses drive the local economy; and working with his colleagues, the Mayor, and the entertainment industry to halt runaway production. Councilmember O'Farrell is also the Chair of the Arts, Parks, Health, Aging and Los Angeles River committee; Vice-Chair of Personnel and Animal Welfare committee; and a committee member of Innovation, Technology and General Services committee, Public Safety committee, and a member of Education and Neighborhoods.

Below are highlights from our conversation with Councilmember O'Farrell; you can watch the whole interview above.

On what the Army Corps' recommendation for the $1 billion plan means for Los Angeles:

On the benefits of river revitalization for L.A. residents:

On how river revitalization could affect the housing market in the surrounding neighborhoods:

On the potential for displacement of long-time residents:

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