Thoughts on the River: Pauline Louie

Pauline Louie was the first Urban Waters Ambassador selected for the Los Angeles River watershed pilot project. Louie is also the sustainability officer for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Los Angeles Field Office in Region IX. Prior to this position Ms. Louie served in the HUD Los Angeles and Santa Ana Field Offices for over 14 years. During her time at HUD she has held a number of positions working with local governments, nonprofit organizations and the private sector for housing and economic development. As Ambassador Ms. Louie will serve as a catalyst to successfully complete on-the-ground projects in the short term, and build relationships and capacity to lay a foundation of continued success for decades to come.

Below are highlights from our conversation with Louie; you can watch the whole interview above:

On the impact of the river project:


On how Los Angeles distinguished itself to receive the grant:


On how communities will be affected by the project:


On the potential negative consequences of the project:


On what the river means to the future of Los Angeles:


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