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Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

Adolfo's been a reporter at NPR affiliate KPCC since 2000. He's reported on three L.A. mayors, four L.A. Unified superintendents, and covered the LAPD batons and rubber bullets flying at the May, 2007 MacArthur Park immigrant march. In 1994 he co-founded the poetry-performance group The Taco Shop Poets. He continues to wander the sidewalks, streets and freeways of Southern California searching for the right words for the sounds he hears.

Pilar Marrero holds her books. | Photo: Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

Is it an American Dream? Depends if You Speak English or Spanish

Pilar Marrero has a new book out. But like any good Latino in the U.S., it has two identities and two names.

Is it Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos?

I went into the attic and dug out a banker's box sized container of Día de los Muertos paraphernalia.

National Latino Journalist Group Starts L.A. Chapter for First Time

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists has been around nearly 30 years and it's never had an L.A chapter?

Friends, Family Remember Lesbian Writer Tatiana de la Tierra

The lurid hooked me but the straightforward narration of her body, her soul, her desire, her thirst, and her hunger for love and life kept me reading.

If You Look Hard Enough, You'll Keep Cool

I found the god of rain and water on Arlington Avenue, just a couple blocks south of the shuttered Washington Irving branch library.
Daniel Alarcon | Photo: May-Li Kohe/Library Foundation of Los Angeles

Esta Vida Americana, and Other Public Radio Dreams in Spanish

"National Public Radio is dismayingly white, and I think they know that and we all know that. That's not news. The question is what are they going to do about it."
Photo: Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

Is This the Rebirth of a Bilingual L.A.?

Adolfo Guzman-Lopez predicts a Los Angeles where Spanish is as accepted as hearing French in Quebec. 

How Is This Memorial Day Different Than Others?

What I saw, heard, and the presence of a man not there didn't fully come together until I started to write a poem.

Mom, Books, and the Spanish That's Been Lost to the Wind

I'm not ready for Mom to give me back my childhood mementos.

In Southern California, There are Many Words for Genocide

I witnessed the ways in which hundreds of thousands of the people we work with, stand in line behind, watch Lakers games next to, and sit in traffic with in Southern California carry the genocide of their ancestors.
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