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Brian Doherty

Brian Doherty is a senior editor at Reason magazine and Reason.com. He is author of three books This is Burning Man (2004, Little, Brown; paperback BenBella, 2006) and Radicals for Capitalism: A History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement (PublicAffairs, 2007), and Gun Control on Trial (Cato Institute, 2008).

Doherty's reporting and essays have appeared in The Washington PostThe Wall Street JournalLos Angeles TimesMother JonesSpinNational ReviewThe Weekly StandardSan Francisco Chronicle and dozens of other publications, and he has been a commentator on hundreds of radio and TV shows, including Fox News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor and CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck Show.

He ran a small indie record label, Cherry Smash Records, from 1993-2001, and has lived in Los Angeles since July 1994.


Gov. Brown Sworn In, Faces Tough Job

Our new/old Governor Jerry Brown is inaugurated into a job that promises to be more trouble than even this old pol can skillfully navigate.

Why Does it Take 20 Years to Build A Shopping Center in South Central?

The 20-year struggle to get a shopping center built at Slauson and Central reveals long-standing problems with the politics of development in L.A.

Good Year End News for L.A.: Murder Numbers Back to 1967 Level

Despite a staggering economy, the number of murders in L.A. has fallen to 1967 levels--which given our 30 percent population rise since then, a murder rate even lower than that.

Permitting Process in L.A. in Flux

Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner wants to streamline L.A.'s planning process through "simultaneous processing," developers still complain that getting something built in L.A. can take twice as long as in other cities, and will even if Beutner gets his way.

County DCFS Head Lands At Other County Job After Removal

Trish Ploehn loses her job as head of L.A. County's Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) because of the agency's troubles--but settles into another county job at over a quarter million a year salary.

Will Football Save Downtown L.A.?

Downtown giant AEG plans to either get a downtown football stadium moving, or give up, within months. But experts doubt whether that plan will guarantee anything good for downtown's economic health as a whole.

Federal Government Preparing a Crackdown on State Medical Marijuana

Since Prop. 19 failed to fully legalize adult possession, use, and small growth, Obama's Department of Justice is showing an increased desire to interfere with the state medical system.

Do Inspectors and Lawyers Need to Pack Heat?

A state Senate investigation finds over 100 members of the state Office of Inspector General, charged with investigating state prisons, armed and perked as full-fledged "peace officers" for no apparent good reason.

After Much Confusion, 10 Ballot Measures Approved by L.A. City Council

The City Council after much repetition and last-minute changes approves 10 ballot measures for L.A. voter approval in March.

L.A. Still Has Cooley to Kick Around

While votes remain to be counted, after weeks of uncertainty our County D.A. Steve Cooley has conceded the victory in the statewide Attorney General race to San Francisco's Kamala Harris.
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