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Camellia Tse


Iconic Neighborhood Restauarants: Westlake

Many communities have contributed to this vibrant culinary melting pot.

Keeping It Old School: Cooking with Clay Pots

Before enameled cast iron cookware came into fashion, ancient cultures, working with the materials and tools they had readily available, developed some of the earliest earthenware cooking vessels.
Photo: Camellia Tse

Recipe: Burmese Tea Salad (Lahpet Thoke)

Lahpet thoke holds deep cultural significance within Burmese cuisine. It was traditionally served as a peace offering to settle disputes and to symbolize resolution of a verdict.
All photos: Camellia Tse

L.A. is Catching on to Burmese Tea Salad (Lahpet Thoke)

Fermented tea leaf salad is popular up in the Bay Area and is starting to pop up on the menus of trendier fusion restaurants here in L.A.
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