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Elson Trinidad

Elson Trinidad at Griffith Observatory

Born and raised in Los Angeles (watching KCET since toddler-age), Elson Trinidad has been a KCET contributor since 2012, covering Asian/Pacific Islander communities and local environmental issues, and in 2014 wrote and curated KCET's 50th Anniversary
. He is also an accomplished singer/musician, community activist, historian, and nonprofit professional.

Elson Trinidad at Griffith Observatory
Val Resolution - Val Zavala Day
SoCal Connected

City Council Declares ‘Val Zavala Day’ in Los Angeles

Val Zavala was honored by the Los Angeles City Council at City Hall on Tuesday, declaring February 13 as “Val Zavala Day” in the City of Angels.
Val Zavala Outside with a Camera Operator and an Interview Subject
SoCal Connected

Val Zavala’s 30-Year Career in Broadcast Journalism

Val Zavala's had an award-winning career in public media. How did she start and what were some of her milestones?
1842 map of the Pacific Ocean
Lost LA

Is L.A. a West Coast City? For Many, It's the East. Or the North.

What does the idea of a "West Coast" mean to migrants who traveled east to get here?
Guests at the annual Fruitcake Festival in the Inyo county town of Independence sample 1970s disco-themed fruitcakes in December 2014.

The Fruitcake Gets its Just Desserts at Annual Festival in Inyo County

"The fete includes the traditional introduction of the Archival Fruitcake -- a 10-year-old fruitcake sealed inside a Cold War-era Civil Defense barrel."
The working conditions of the El Monte sweatshop operation in 1995, following a raid by state and federal agencies. | Photo: Philip Bonner

20 Years Later, Thai Ex-Sweatshop Workers Reflect on Freedom From Slavery

Twenty years ago this month, a raid on an El Monte sweatshop holding 72 Thai laborers in captivity opened the public's eyes to how such severe labor exploitation can exist in the Land of the Free.

Photographic Memory: World War II Through the Lens of a Japanese American Soldier

For Dr. Susumu "Sus" Ito, taking a photo was no small feat, especially as a soldier during World War II. His wartime photographs are the subject of a new exhibit at JANM in Little Tokyo.

Urban Ryu-newal: A New Era of Asian American Political Representation Begins in L.A.

In the year of the improbable, the impossible has happened: David Ryu became L.A.'s first Korean American and second Asian American to be elected to the city council.

What Manny Pacquiao Means to Us, in Victory or Defeat

Pac-Mania produced a surreal experience: For Filipinos, used to seeing our culture mis-represented, or even ignored outright, a Filipino has become a household name worldwide.
The view from atop Mount Wilson. Catalina Island can be seen top left, and the downtown Los Angeles skyline is visible far right. The entire city of Pasadena is visible in the lower half of the picture. | Photo: Elson Trinidad

Transmitting Live from Mount Wilson: How KCET's Signal Comes to You

Keeping KCET running on the air, which requires a lot of electricity, a lot of equipment, and a lot of backup systems.
The Los Angeles Ballet

A Sound Tradition: The L.A. County Holiday Celebration

The L.A. County Holiday Celebration, which KCET broadcast live for 49 years, is a uniquely SoCal tradition which highlights our region's unrivaled racial, ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.
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