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Ernest Miller


Chef, Educator, Historian. I seek to feed both body and soul with food and classes that reflect the rich history of California.


Recipe: Sauerreuben (Fermented Turnips)

Sauerreuben's sour, tangy, tart flavor complements many rich, hearty, and spicy Latin American dishes.

Recipe: Stinging Nettle, Apple, and Honey Smoothie

Stinging nettles are an extremely nutritious vegetable that are also very easy to grow.

Recipe: Sautéed Kale and Mustard Greens

This dish is fantastic with a cheesy breakfast omelet, as a warm accompaniment to a lunch time sandwich, or as part of an elegant dinner.

Recipe: Walnut Ice Cream, Victorian California Style

Before citrus and avocados were identified with California, walnuts were our big export. And unsurprisingly, Victorian-era Californians ate a lot of walnut ice cream. Here's the recipe.

Recipe: Basic Fermented Giardiniera

If you were to ask me what the platonic ideal of a pickle was I would easily answer: giardiniera.

From Beer to Cookies: Malt Syrup Through the Years

Prohibition led one creative L.A. brewery owner to think up new ways of using -- and marketing -- malt syrup. We've re-created one of his recipes here.
Officers investigating Sea Fever Seafood. | Photo: Courtesy CDFW

Grand Theft Seafood: Popular Farmers' Market Fish Vendor Arrested on Multiple Charges

The proprietor of Sea Fever Seafood, one of the most popular booths at the Sunday Hollywood Farmers' Market for years, was arrested Sunday by game wardens from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in Santa Barbara Harbor following a two-month...

Recipe: Fermented Horseradish for Passover

Though many spring celebrations, including Passover and Easter, are full of bright colors, plain white horseradish is often the secret star of the table.
Photo by Gennie Truelock, Homestead Museum

Old-Fashioned Gingerbread Houses Made with Old-Fashioned Ingredients

Building gingerbread houses became popular after the Brothers Grimm published Hansel and Gretel in 1812. Within a short period of time, candy-decorated gingerbread houses were a German tradition, and soon after that the tradition migrated to Pennsylvan...

Junípero Serra, the Father of California Food, and the First Chocolate in California

A 1769 list of missionary kitchen supplies includes "Dos Chocolateros de cobre con sus molinillos," or two copper chocolate pots with their chocolate whisks. We've approximated the recipe they'd have used here.
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