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G. James Daichendt

Jim Daichendt serves as Dean of Colleges and Professor of Art History at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. He is author of several books including: "Kenny Scharf: In Absence of Myth," "Shepard Fairey Inc. Artist/Professional/Vandal," "Stay Up Los Angeles Street Art, and The Urban Canvas: Street Art Around the World."

Ed Fuentes, artwork Colette Miller (preview)

In Remembrance of Arts Journalist and Advocate Ed Fuentes

Collaborator and friend James Daichendt remembers Ed Fuentes, a longtime advocate of the arts, who passed away this week.
Sake mural | G. James Daichendt

The Street Art Landmarks of San Diego

From illegal work to carefully curated pieces, San Diego has become a significant destination to see work by street artists locally and abroad.
All Power to the People | Emory Douglas/Black Panther Party/Center for the Study of Political Graphics

The History and Art of Protest Posters

One of the most common mediums for political art is poster making. From the Mexican Revolution to recent marches infuriated by the Trump administration, posters have continually been used as a powerful form of protest and a symbol of discontent.
Ken Gonzales-Day, “Danny,” mural by Levi Ponce, Van Nuys Blvd. at Telfair Ave., Pacoima, 2013. | © 2017 Ken Gonzales-Day. PST LALA Skirball

Photographer Parses the Politics and Relevance of L.A.’s Murals and Marks

Artist Ken Gonzales-Day's exhibition at the Skirball Cultural Center, “Surface Tension,” engages the mural landscape of Los Angeles and the many issues surrounding graphic arts in the public square.

An Artistic Response to Contested Histories

The nation has begun removing Confederate statues around the United States. Whether we see these signifiers as landmarks, artworks, or historical marker, there may be a better way to address the frustration that appears to be guiding such actions.
Big Cities: Boa Mistura work in Antofogasta
Big Cities

Agents of Change: The Art of Boa Mistura

By immersing themselves in local cultures, the members of an artist collective known are changing the world one mural at a time.
California Locos group shot (featured)

Crazy Creative: The California Locos

They're affectionately called the California Locos. Chaz Bojórquez, Dave Tourjé, John Van Hamersveld, Norton Wisdom and Gary Wong are going strong after decades of art production.
Protesters And Trump Supporters Gather In D.C. For US President Donald Trump Inauguration. | Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Inauguration Posters Reflect the Need for Inclusion and Acceptance

Shepard Fairey, Ernesto Yerena, and Jessica Sabogal created a series of images that portray inclusion and acceptance. These portraits aim to disrupt the fear and hate aligned with the new administration and infiltrate the inauguration festivities.
Lisa Schulte's art studio (featured)

Neon Queen: Artist Lisa Schulte Owns One of the Largest Collections in the World

Her passion for manipulating light began at an early age. Lisa Schulte is the go-to artist and designer for all things neon.
Desire Obtain Cherish, "Like For Like"

In the Age of Social Media, Artist 'Desire Obtain Cherish' Explores Instant Gratification Culture

Artist Jonathan Paul aka Desire Obtain Cherish is fascinated with the pursuit of happiness in a culture where instant gratification seems more and more important.
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