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Gary Dauphin


Gary Dauphin is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor.

Patti Perret, photograph of Octavia E. Butler seated by her bookcase, 1986. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. © Patti Perret

Break In Case of Emergency: Octavia E. Butler's Legacy

Butler remains an essential literary presence even in her absence, her work not simply growing in esteem but taking on new coloring and resonance with each passing year.

Word on the Street: Yarn Bombing Los Angeles and Black Lives Matter

The latest installment of Urban Letters, a public art project by the knit graffiti collaborative Yarn Bombing Los Angeles, takes the form of "#BLACK LIVES MATTER."

Place of Disco: The Republic of Discostan

The Discostan collective, hosted at Footsie's Bar in Los Angeles, is a celebration of musical traditions and cross-cultural sounds from Beirut to Bangkok via Bombay.

Follow Hurricane Irene on KCET

Please keep an eye on KCET's Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates about our coverage of Hurricane Irene. Depending on the situation on the East Coast, we may be breaking into our regularly scheduled programming to carry live updates from our news ...

End Times at the L.A. Times?

It's long been a general L.A. media axiom that The Los Angeles Times' best days were behind it, but, as Edward James Olmos tells Harrison Ford at the end of Blade Runner: "It's too bad she won't live... But then again, who does?"

Download the July KCET Primetime Listings and Highlights

The July primetime and general schedule .pdfs are now available.

Prop 8 Live Stream

UPDATE - THE STREAM HAS ENDED. But we'd still love to hear your thoughts on Prop. 8 in comments. Also, as new streams become available, we will update this page.
This picture was taken by Flickr user blipster.

Shades of Gentrification

The hipsters of our gentrification fantasies are always white. We rarely imagine the possibility of colored, middle-class hipsters carrying both universal dreams of cheap rents and their own peculiar set of ambivalences on slouched shoulders.
Hillary Swank and Sam Rockwell in <em>Conviction</em>

Pete Hammond Reviews: Conviction

A review by Cinema Series host Pete Hammond. Get the critical verdict.

In the Pool: Rainy L.A.

After several days of rain, the sun finally broke out today, but the air has the distinct tang of fall. We went to the Southern California Flickr Pool for images of Los Angeles in rain. If you have any you'd like to share, please add them to t...
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