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Geordee Mae Corpuz

Geordee Mae Corpuz

Geordee Mae Corpuz (she/her/hers) is an organizer, coach, and facilitator in the Bay Area. For almost a decade, she has been developing and organizing youth leaders, to build youth power to transform California’s education system at Californians for Justice, a statewide youth-powered organization fighting for racial and educational justice. Currently, she is the Strategy Director that oversees the statewide capacity building work.

When she’s not doing movement work, Geordee Mae loves to enjoy basketball (especially her team the Warriors), being in nature, and being a dog Auntie to her many dog niblings.

Geordee Mae Corpuz
Californians for Justice youths at the beach and playing in the water. It is a rare experience for many to just be able to relax since many are juggling multiple responsibilities created by social and economic systems. | Californians for Justice
City Rising

Building Youth Power Through Healing: How Healing is Critical to Youth Organizing

Youth organizations are not just protesting or mobilizing; they are increasingly and consciously working self-care and healing as a form of political resistance.
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