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George Villanueva


George Villanueva, Ph.D. is a native Angeleno born and raised in the intersecting spaces of East Hollywood, Koreatown, and the Temple-Beverly corridor (now Historic Filipinotown). He is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, with a research focus on civic engagement, spatial justice, and sustainable urban development.


Frogtown Transportation Leaps Forward Down the L.A. River

Organizers of the Frogtown Artwalk attempted to address transportation issues that could arise as the L.A. River's revitalization continues to attract more and more Angelenos to the riverfront neighborhoods.

Not Your Typical House Tour: Affordable Housing Prototypes in South L.A.

The tour allowed participants to engage in the more everyday L.A. residential streets, compared to the celebrity home tours in L.A. made famous by the infamous "star maps."

Winners of the Northeast Los Angeles Placemaking Design Competition

The Northeast L.A. (NELA) Placemaking Design Competition is seeking implementable projects that enhance the neighborhood identity, river revitalization, community health, and public spaces of the NELA river area and its adjacent neighborhoods.

The L.A. River Runs Wild Again with Activities this Weekend

This weekend a series of activities will support the use of the River and exploration of the adjacent neighborhoods of Northeast Los Angeles.

Free Lo(t)s Angeles!

Dilapidated buildings and vacant lots typically bring up perceptions of urban blight; this does not have to be the case, however.

Grand Park's Inaugural New Year's Eve Creates a Central Celebration for L.A.

The inaugural event left many to imagine a genuine Los Angeles-centric celebration that has the potential to become as iconic as Times Square.

L.A. Eco Village: 20 Years as a Model of Sustainable Living

Born in 1993, the Los Angeles Eco Village has embodied what cooperative living can be when a collective of people commit to ideals of community and sustainable urban space.

Federal Grantees Convene in D.C. to Spur Conversations on Sustainable Communities

Regional planners came together to share the progress on their planning, best practices, and spur on conversations on how to implement their visionary ideas for their communities.

Lighting Christmas Parols in Historic Filipinotown with Prayers for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and mistletoes have become American symbols of the holiday season. For the Philippines and its diaspora that live across the globe, it's the parol, or Christmas lantern, that represents the advent of the Christmas season.

Frogtown's Neighborhood Artwalk

Frogtown's Artwalk has a distinctly neighborhood feeling, as many of its galleries and performances operate out of resident garages, in resident driveways, or on street curbs.
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