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Japhy Grant


Japhy Grant is the creator of the digital show, FOODIES and has directed music videos for bands like Grizzly Bear and online campaigns for brands like Max Azria. As a journalist, he's written for Salon, True/Slant and, The Advocate, OUT, The New York Observer and comments about the LGBT community in Southern California every week on KCET's blog, SoCal Focus.


Ten Years After 9/11, Are We Any Better?

There is one collective and inescapable national question: Are we better? Ten years later, are we better?

Is the Prop. 8 Show Ready for Primetime?

In Hollywood, films about gay and lesbian civil rights are the surefire choice these days for anyone looking to craft a prestige pic, but in a California federal court this week, the ultimate gay rights flick may wind up buried.
'In the wake of King's death, he became a symbol of violence against LGBT youth'

In School Shooting Trial, Everyone's 'Gay Panic' is Showing

Brandon and Larry are both victims of allowing political agendas to come before the welfare of California students, both gay and straight.
Gay pride parade celebrating the Passage of the marriage equalitylLaw in Greenwich Village, New York City

New York's Gay Marriage Victory a Reminder of California's Shame

New York and California have always had a twin sister sort of relationship with each other.

Perez Hilton is Playing Dodgeball

If Perez Hilton were to find any group in the gay community that would accept him, it would be here.

30 Years Later, AIDS Still Kills

Two weeks ago, right around the time the world was commemorating the 30th anniversary of the first verified case of AIDS, a good friend of mine died of the disease.

What Exactly is Gay Pride, Anyway?

Ask ten people what Gay Pride Month, which starts tomorrow, is about and you'll get ten different answers.

Welcome to Fabulous California

If you're gay and live in California these days, chances are you don't feel that fabulous. Being a second-class citizen can do that to a person. But in some ways, things have never been better for LGBT Californians
A lesbian couple hold a sign at a protest outside the County ClerkÂ’s Office in Los Angeles on Valentine's Day | AFP/Getty Images

Obama's DOMA Decision Sparks New Energy in Prop. 8 Case

The presidential order to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act represents not only a major change in policy for the White House, but also a new wrinkle in the unfolding drama over the legality of California's Proposition 8.
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