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Jason Rosencrantz


Jason Rosencrantz is a Downtown resident who has been an active participant in Occupy Los Angeles.

A video still from the shot that Tyson Heder was framing when he was grabbed by Sgt. Rudy Barillas

Managing Perceptions of the Occupy L.A. Raid: The Tyson Heder Trial

It was perhaps the most sensational interaction captured by the embedded press pool the night the LAPD evicted Occupy L.A. from City Hall grounds. Here's what happened at the trial.
Funeral March to Anthem Blue Cross in Support of SB 810

Occupy L.A. Lives On: A Week Inside the Movement After Eviction from City Hall Park

The movement continues to pull together and merge with natural allies to manifest in an almost daily docket of events and actions. There are so many ways to participate that it would be impossible to do it all.
Looking through the gate at the former site of Occupy L.A. | Photo by Jason Rosencrantz

One of the 292 Occupy L.A. Raid Arrestees: Notes on The Case of Martha Lewis

An inside look at the trial of an arrested Occupy L.A. protestor.

Occupy L.A., December 17th: More Arrests Among a Concurrence of Commemorations

The Occupy Wall Street movement does have a message, and it is expressed by necessity through creative means about a complex nexus of issues.
At a Occupy L.A. meeting on the steps of City Hall before the camp was evicted | Photo by Tom Andrews

Post-Eviction Occupy L.A.: Five Ways the Movement Continues

The 24-hour-a-day encampment has been destroyed, at least for the moment. But what remains after the tents have been destroyed?
Outside the Occupy L.A. perimeter on Tuesday evening | Photo by Tom Andrews

On the Edge of Occupy L.A.: The Raid, The Spin and Court

As the inevitable raid on Occupy L.A. approached, I struggled with the question of my proper role.
Photo by Flickr user mikeywally

Occupying Bank of America's Front Porch

My first act of civil disobedience: When I woke up last Thursday morning, I wasn't planning on getting arrested.
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