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Jessica Levinson


Jessica Levinson is an Associate Clinical Professor at Loyola Law School. She focuses on the intersection of law and government.

Anti-Hillary Clinton Pins

We Have a Long Way to Go: Anti-Hillary Clinton Buttons Stir Controversy

Isn't it enough to communicate why a politician's policies or personality bothers? Why has political messaging sunk so low?
Photo: Courtesy Office of Senator Ronald Calderon

Appearances Matter in Politics, Especially When You're Under Investigation

It takes a certain level of hubris for a politician who is subject to a corruption investigation to hire a politician who pleaded guilty of musing funds and lying to police.
Bob Filner.

An Open Letter to San Diego Mayor Bob Filner

The sheer volume of the complaints lodged against you is stunning.

Millions Wasted on Upgrading Voting Systems

Money California received to upgrade voting systems have been wasted, according to an audit.
Pollworkers at a 2008 election in Los Angeles.

Should Legal Immigrants Be Allowed to Work at Election Polls?

In my book, the majority of people who pass certain eligibility requirements and wish to serve as poll workers should be welcomed and thanked.
A sign seen at SF Pride in June 2013.

Gay Marriages Will Continue in California -- For Now

The group behind Prop 8 claims that the recent federal ruling on gay marriage in California only applies to two counties.
Turnout to special elections tend to be very low.

No More Special Elections, Please! Here Are 2 Ideas to Avoid Them

The word special makes it sound like there is something to celebrate -- there is not.
Photo: Zach Behrens/KCET

Battle Over CA's Public Records Act Was Actually a Budget Deal

Some of you may have gotten whiplash following the latest kerfuffle over California's Public Records Act.

Are San Bernardino Recall Efforts Worth the Time and Money?

If some of the officials that are the target of the recall are ousted, they will only leave office a few months earlier.
Ron Calderon

Illegal or Immoral? FBI's Look into Legislator Shines Light on Possible Loopholes

It sometimes feels that with every regulation another loophole will arise and be exploited.
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