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Katherine Spiers


Katherine is the former Living Managing Editor at She's been living in and writing about this area for over a decade.


Iconic Neighborhood Restaurants: Toluca Lake, Universal City, & Studio City

OK, let's all make fun of the Valley now and get it out of our systems. Because here's the thing: there's a lot of fun history here, and some interesting restaurants.

Iconic Neighborhood Restaurants: Hancock Park, Larchmont, & Windsor Square

This tree-lined little slice of yoga-panted civility in the middle of the city has a surprisingly varied food scene. And only some of it will make you roll your eyes.

Los Angeles Is In Love With Ice Cream

Ice cream is it, everyone. Los Angeles has moved on from frozen yogurt and is ready for the big guns. The big full-fat guns.

Community Restaurants in South L.A.

Restaurants in South L.A. don't get a lot of media attention, but there are some excellent options -- and they tend to embody the American dream, to boot.
All black and white photos: Los Angeles Public Library

Gallery: Food Culture in Watts

South L.A. isn't just a food desert. Even if we're only talking about food, and ignoring everything else that makes a community whole. There is an active food culture in Watts and the neighborhoods and cities surrounding it.
SoCal Wanderer

Win 2 Passes To 'A Walk In The Woods'

Win two passes to see "A Walk in the Woods" at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica!
Terry Sawyer, right, with Hog Island partner John Finger. All photos: Hog Island Oyster Co.

Hog Island Oyster Co. Talks Ocean Acidification

"Human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide fundamentally change the chemistry of seawater. Animals living in seawater are accustomed to a range of chemical conditions, and those conditions are changing, rapidly, due to human impacts."
Philip Stark, center left in a black shirt, leads a group of amateur foragers

The Logistics of Urban Food Foraging

"We'd like to see public policy changed to make it legal to forage non-native, invasive species on public lands. Instead of spraying herbicides on "weeds" (and suffering the ecological consequences) we can eat the aliens!"
Photo: BlackMarket Liquor Bar

The San Fernando Valley: A Dining Destination

The Valley had a culinary moment way back when it introduced sushi to the U.S., but it hasn't been known as a dining destination for years. Might that be changing?
Photo: Master Food Preservers - UC Cooperative Extension Los Angeles' Facebook

L.A. County Master Food Preserver Program To Shut Down

Master Food Preservers who earned their status in L.A. County will have to give up their titles for the time being.
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