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Katie Noonan


Katie Noonan is a graduate of California State University Northridge where she attained her bachelor's degree in History and minor in California Studies. She has a passion for learning new things and is currently pursuing a career in media production.

buffalo soldiers
California Coastal Trail

California's National Parks Were First Protected by Buffalo Soldiers

Overseeing Sequoia, Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Park in the early 1900s, African American men in "Buffalo Soldier" regiments were some of the state’s first National Park Rangers.
Rural SFV
Lost LA

When the San Fernando Valley Was Rural

Until quite recently, the Valley was a sparsely populated agricultural hinterland, just over the hill from Los Angeles.
SoCal Connected

What Is Your Tree Canopy Cover?

Live in Los Angeles? If so, you can use this interactive map to determine how much tree canopy cover your city council district has.
tree canopy cover l.a.
SoCal Connected

Find Tree Planting Resources in Your Community

The following map highlights local events where you can play a part in building and sustaining your community’s urban tree canopy.

Venice West Cafe: A Lost Beat Landmark that Helped Shape Modern-Day Venice

Venice West Cafe, popular among the Beats, inspired a counterculture that swept the streets of Venice, forever changing the neighborhood's cultural background.
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