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Kevan Antonio Aguilar

Kevan Aguilar

Kevan Antonio Aguilar is a Ph.D. candidate in Latin American History at UC San Diego and is currently a joint fellow at the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies and the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies. His doctoral research examines the sociopolitical relations between Mexican communities and Spanish political refugees during and after the Mexican Revolution and Spanish Civil War. A native of San Bernardino, Aguilar is a collective member of the Black Rose Historical & Mutual Aid Society and an active member of the Inland Empire hardcore punk scene. 

Kevan Aguilar
Legal Defense Bond issued by the Organizing junta of the Partido Liberal Mexicano, 1908. Courtesy of El Archivo Electrónico Ricardo Flores Magón. Regeneracion featured

The Many Legacies of Regeneración

For over 100 years, the word regeneración has been a critical part of the political lexicon of Mexicans, Mexican Americans and Chicanxs in Los Angeles. Learn more about its many iterations over the centuries.

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Cross-cultural community is of the utmost importance to overcoming the pain of the recent mass shooting.
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