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Leslie Aaronson


Leslie became a teacher in 2003, when she left her job as Production Manager for Blue's Clues International at Nickelodeon in New York to move to her hometown of Los Angeles. In 2012, she was awarded as Teacher of the Year from LAUSD for her work as the Lead Teacher and Coordinator of Foshay Learning Center's Technology Academy. Leslie teaches a group of 150-180 students from 10th -12th grade that stay together for their entire three years.


How Important Are Student Grades?

Does the way we assess student achievement need to be revised to reflect the demands of a changing world? A teacher in South L.A. has done that and the results are impressive.

Building the Skills to Get the Job in the First Place

In addition to the computer science skills my students learn they are also immersed in the communication skills necessary for the 21st century world. If we don't teach our students the skills they need to get a job, are we really giving them the life ...

How to Get Students Excited About Learning to Code

There are online programs that are amazing and helpful, but it is not enough to get an entire class focused and motivated -- a teacher is still needed to facilitate and encourage.

How Interactive Student-Centered Field Trips Work

Students from a South L.A. tech academy took an interactive field trip an international ad agency to learn about the different jobs available in the industry.

Getting My Students Life and Job Ready

I am a computer science teacher, but a significant portion of my curriculum is not just focused on coding and app and web development. I am trying to teach my students hustle; I am trying to teach my students to write cover letters, emails, and resumes...

What to Teach, Ask the Experts

In order to keep abreast of trends in the workplace, I constantly ask for feedback from professionals and invite them into my classroom.

Conquering a Fear of Trying in the Classroom

A teacher at South L.A.'s Foshay Tech Academy reflects on how students can build confidence through asking questions, working with each other, and checking in on a regular basis and make sure their tries are heading in the right direction.

Looking Forward as We Say Goodbye: Three Years at South L.A.'s Foshay Tech Academy

Students at Foshay Tech Academy in South L.A. learn how to code, create digital portfolios, and prepare themselves for college or careers after high school.
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