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Liz Warner

Liz Warner

Liz comes from a background of radio and music, starting out by hosting a long-standing radio show on WDET Detroit public radio. Through radio, text and television, she has interviewed musicians, visual artists, filmmakers and authors. Liz holds an M.A. in journalism from the University of Southern California and is heard on radio broadcaster dublab. She is the the host of Border Blaster on KCET and has contributed to various outlets including The Wire, MTV Amp and Detroit Metro Times, and has served as music editor for indie Orbit Magazine. Liz has been honored for her work from the National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards, the Southern California Journalism Awards and the Los Angeles Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Liz Warner
Students and faculty assemble outside the State Normal School in 1904

10 Questions: What is a University?

What are the roles of free speech, the performing arts, cultural politics and the humanities within the university campus? UCLA professors Bryonn Bain, Jerry Kang, David Schaberg and Robert Watson discuss "What is a University?"
A detail of Roberto Chavez's "The Path to Knowledge and the False University," 1974. This features a figure Chavez called "Our Mother."| UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Murales Rebeldes

10 Questions: What is Knowledge?

How is our perception of knowledge affected by the performing arts, humanities and culture, and the history and future of immigration? UCLA representatives Kristy Edmunds, Victoria Marks, Todd Presner and Marcelo Suárez-Orozco discuss "What is Knowledge?"
A portion of the "Detroit Industry" murals by Diego Rivera that adorn the walls of Rivera Court at the Detroit Institute of Arts | ashleystreet/Creative Commons

10 Questions: What is Work?

How are ideas about design, art, the global economy and urban planning tied to the concept of work? UCLA professors Willem Henri Lucas, Catherine Opie, Alfred Osborne and Abel Valenzuela discuss "What is Work?"
The Failure of Sir Launcelot to enter the Chapel of the Holy Grail, Number 3 of the Holy Grail tapestries woven by Morris & Co. 1891-94 for Stanmore Hall. Wool and silk on cotton warp, c. 1890 | Public Domain

10 Questions: What is Failure?

The arts, athleticism, martial arts and racial politics all interplay with concepts of failure and success. UCLA professors David Gere, Valorie Kondos Field, Janet O'Shea and Lorrie Frasure-Yokley discuss "What is Failure?"
Charles Long, Conceptual drawing for 'Catalin (main deck),' 2013. 18 x 24 inches. | Photo: Courtesy of the artist and Tanya Bonakdar Gallery.

10 Questions: What is a Body?

Choreography and movement, engineering and the environment, and biology and architecture might have more to do with the concept of the body than we realize. UCLA professors Susan Foster, Jennifer Jay, Tracy Johnson, and Greg Lynn discuss "What is a Body?"
Dario Canul of artist collective Tlacolulokos | Gary Leonard PST LA/LA

10 Questions: What is Memory?

Sociology, neuroscience and theater may have a lot more to do with memory than we realize. UCLA professors Darnell Hunt, Kelsey Martin, and Peter Sellars discuss "What is Memory?"
Sketch of the Ridge with Laguna Peak Tracking Station, 2016. Marker and pencil on paper | Jena Lee

10 Questions: What is Freedom?

What do art, social justice and philosophy have to do with freedom? UCLA professors Andrea Fraser, Lauren McCarthy, Ananya Roy, and Seana Shiffrin ponder "What is Freedom?"
Doug Aitken, "Underwater Pavilions." | Photo: Matt Crotty

10 Questions: What is Beauty?

What do performance, genetics, art and feminist media have to do with beauty? UCLA professors J.Ed Araiza, Paul Barber, Marla Berns and Kathleen McHugh ponder "What is Beauty?"
The geologic time spiral — A path to the past (ver. 1.1), 2008 | United States Geological Survey

10 Questions: What is Time?

What do design, music, and spirituality have to do with time? UCLA professors Rebeca Méndez, James Newton, Asma Sayeed, and provost Scott Waugh ponder "What is Time?"
james turrell skyspace

10 Questions: What is Space?

What do neuroscience, architecture, and visual art have to do with space? UCLA professors Dana Cuff, Andrea Ghez, Rodrigo Valenzuela, and Paul Weiss ponder "What is Space?"
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