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Neighborhood Data for Social Change

Small black boy receiving asthma treatment while doctor is vising him at home due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Low-Income Households Spend More on Energy and Why That's Bad for Our Health and the Earth

When talking about environmental justice, we must consider why some households spend so much more on energy, how that affects their health and invest in programs to aid them.
South Central Los Angeles

Black and Brown Residents Face Uphill Battle for Homeownership in This L.A. Neighborhood

Examining how the historic area is becoming gentrified via homebuying trends over the last decade and how an organization is promoting wealth building and homeownership for longtime residents of color.
Young girl using an asthma inhaler

The Most Pressing Environmental Health Conditions for Latinx Communities in Southeast L.A.

A look at Latino majority neighborhoods in Southeast Los Angeles and how environmental quality and neighborhood access impact community health.
stock image of a police car at an angle

Scorecard Finds Police Discrimination Prevails in Northeast L.A. and Beyond

Recent data shows historically excluded populations, such as Black and Latino communities, have been and continue to be disproportionately targeted by the criminal justice system.
University of Southern California Campus in Los Angeles

Lessons Learned: Cash Payments for the Economically Distressed

Many Los Angeles residents struggle to meet their basic needs, and the pandemic has only heightened these difficulties. College students are particularly vulnerable. One possible solution to help this at-risk population is to provide emergency aid, frequently in the form of cash transfers.
A yellow eviction notice on a brown door.

Communities of Color Struggle with Rent Burden Amid the Pandemic

As unemployment rates rose during the pandemic, communities of color in Los Angeles struggled to pay rent and utilities.
Heavy traffic during rush hour on Interstate 10 near downtown Los Angeles California during late afternoon.

Addressing Long Commute Times Along the Slauson Corridor

By using the appropriate resources, investments and policies to address commuting patterns, the Slauson Corridor has the capacity to reduce congestion and air pollution, while improving the daily lives and health outcomes of its residents.
A man reads in a library to a group of people. | iStock

The Power of Poetry in Florence

Investing in arts and culture is increasingly being recognized as a catalyzing force for community development.
A sign at a business reads "Closed due to coronavirus." | iStock

Small Business Lending Inequities During COVID-19

The pandemic's negative impact on Black communities in L.A. goes beyond higher rates of infection and death. Recent research shows that Black businesses have fared far worse than others when it comes to lending and aid.
Police siren in the foreground of a line of law enforcement officers.
Power & Health

How Racial Disparities in Policing Harm Community Health

Perceptions of public safety impact the physical and mental well-being of residents. In communities like South Los Angeles, racial profiling by police and unequal law enforcement tactics have large impacts for public health.
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