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Ophelia Chong


A true multi-tasker: illustrator, designer, teacher, networker and writer of short blasts of pent up hot air.

Image: Ophelia Chong / Family Archives

How Do You See Me Now? Thoughts About PEW's Asian American Study

How will Americans see us now? Will we be a threat of a different nature? Say economic prejudice?
Image: Ophelia Chong

The Ghosts are in the (HTML) Machine

I see my present through my online past. Blurry images and partial thoughts haunt me in the HTML graveyard.
Image: Ophelia Chong<br />

Par None: Whether Golfing in Hawaii or Griffith Park, it's Not for Me

If you can't play with a sense of humor, why bother?
Image: George Chong

My Mother, the Barber of Chongville

My early years with my mother taught me how to think outside the box. I learned how to use one tool a dozen ways.
Me with my younger sister, back in the day. | Image: George Chong / My sister and I enjoying an evening at home.<br />

Love Means Biting the Hand that Fed You

One of my most vivid memories was at the age of 7 when I had a loose tooth. Using TV as a guide, my mother wanted to yank it out.

Gone in Sixty Tweets: A Reputation Lost

The controversy about Manny Pacquiao's and gay marraige this week is yet another reminder to be more vigilant about what we repost and tweet.
Edmund Lee Young | Photo: Ryan Young

They Are Closer Than They Appear: A Son's Tribute

Losing someone close to you is when you shut down the senses; you cannot hear, touch, feel, see, or taste.
'Lost Angeles' Artwork for the Schauffhausen book | Image: Ophelia Chong

Foreign in a Foreign Land

During one of our breaks we were walking through the town square when he turned to me and said, "They all must be saying, 'what is he doing walking with that Chinese lady?'"
Chinatown 1930

Bridge to Everywhere: Cultural Differences, but Similar Goals

For the past year I have written about Asian Americans, and with each piece I tried to speak about what it is to be Asian American in Los Angeles. I now see that there are no defining walls that separate me from them, us from you.
The diversity in my fridge

Standing Out From the Crowd: The Asian Population 2010 Census

Asians are not an invisible group that exists outside the mainstream: They are marrying outside their ethnic groups, living outside their communities, and have been weaving their stories into the cultural heritage of this country.
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