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Rose Hayden-Smith

Rose Hayden-Smith

Rose Hayden-Smith, PhD, is a UC academic and author, writing as the UC Food Observer. Hayden-Smith has worked as a 4-H youth, family and community development and Master Gardener advisor. She also led UC ANR’s sustainable food systems initiative. A trained U.S. historian, her research focuses on food policy, and the role of gardens in community food security.

Rose Hayden-Smith
Food--don't waste it | Courtesy of the Library of Congress
LA Foodways

What a World War I Poster Can Teach Us About Food Waste

World War I changed America. It also left behind lessons that we should still heed today — especially when it comes to our relationship with food.
"No till" field in Southern Africa

UC Researcher Jeff Mitchell Advocates for Conservation Agriculture

UC Researcher Jeff Mitchell has encouraged an increasing number of producers to develop farm systems that are closer to the kinds of systems found in nature. Conservation agriculture, also known as no-till/minimum-till farming, is his passion.
Cuban Farmer

Dr. Pedro Sanchez and the Importance of Understanding the Cuban Food System

Dr. Pedro Sanchez examines what normalizing relations with Cuba might mean for the food system in that nation and in the United States.
A man sells toffee coconuts in a street of Havana

American Journalist Marc Frank Discusses the Food System in Cuba

Marc Frank, an American journalist who has lived in Cuba for more than two decades, shares his experiences and observations of the food system in Cuba.
Entrance to the Organic Farm in Havana

Cuba's Move Towards Organic Production, A Lesson to be Learned?

Cuba is in a period of profound change, which is impacting all aspects of life — including the food system.
Fortino Morales III: UCR Community Garden

UCR's Garden Coordinator Fortino Morales III Addresses the Importance of Food Access

Fortino Morales III is dedicated to raising awareness about food access at UC Riverside. His work is part of the UC Global Food Initiative, which seeks to harness UC’s resources to help sustainably and nutritiously feed a growing world population.
Women In Their Organic Chilli Farm near Techiman, Ghana

UN Special Rapporteur Hilal Elver Discusses Global Food and Human Rights Issues

Dr. Elver was appointed by the UN Human Rights Council as the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. In her work, she stresses the interconnectedness of the global food system and the important role governments play in hastening agricultural reform.
UCSB "Soup Guys"

Meet UCSB’s “Soup Guys”: French-Trained Chefs Spice Creations with Passion

As part of a larger effort around sustainability and the food system, UCSB has launched an innovative Food, Nutrition and Basic Skills Program. Two of those teaching students how to cook are chefs who have become campus celebrities: the UCSB Soup Guys.
Elementary Pupils Collecting Healthy Lunch In Cafeteria

New Study: WIC Food Improves Preschool Children’s Diet Quality

A University of California study shows that food provided by the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) improves the diet quality of preschool children.

From Cows To Concrete: History of Agriculture in Los Angeles County

In a new book, the University of California’s Rachel Surls and certified Master Gardener Judith Gerber detail the rise and fall of agriculture in Los Angeles.
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