All New Episodes of Popular British Series New Tricks and Hustle Begin March 4 on KCET

Burbank, CA - February 26, 2013 - Starting

Monday, March 4, KCET
will air new,

first-run seasons of popular British dramas, New Tricks and


Mondays at 8 p.m.,

the brand new ninth season of New Tricks follows the same
team of retired former detectives who are recruited to re-examine unsolved

crimes led by Detective Superintendent Sandra

Pullman. Although, they don't always do things by the book, they get results.

This season, Sandra has a new recruit, former DI Steve McAndrew, who is a

bundle of energetic optimism and has an unorthodox approach to policing. With

the usual mix of superb characters, intriguing storylines and sharp dialogue, New

may get older but is as spirited as ever.


Following on Mondays at 9 p.m., an all-new eighth season of Hustle begins featuring Mickey Bricks and

his team of highly skilled con men (and woman) - Ash Morgan, Albert Stroller

and Emma and Sean Kennedy. In this season, the team encounters a dangerous gold

dealer, a glamorous couple who specialize in sham diet treatments and a crooked

landlord with his eye on the capital. If that's not enough, the police are on

their tail. The team finds themselves impersonating renegade soldiers, high-class

thieves and even Olympic committee members to bring down their targets.




New Tricks season

nine includes:


Episode One - A Death in the Family

Jack Halford deals a

devastating blow to UCOS; he's quitting. But before the team - Detective

Superintendent Sandra Pullman, Brian Lane and Gerry Standing - can question the

reasons behind his decision and persuade him to stay, shadowy Whitehall

Intelligence figure Stephen Fisher arrives with one of his secret cases, the

unsolved murder of a woman dating back 100 years, giving them just 24 hours to solve

it. Will the team manage to change Jack's mind?


Episode Two - Old School Ties

When the body of young PE

teacher Jason Bowe is discovered in woodlands adjoining a prestigious boarding

school, UCOS are asked to investigate the case quickly and discreetly. However,

with the school busy preparing for a visit by prominent MP Geoffrey Parks, its headmistress

is less than happy about the UCOS team's presence there. When Standing makes a

discovery about another teacher, the team realizes that they're dealing with a

much wider and more complicated series of crimes that go back many years.

Meanwhile, Standing pushes Pullman to find a replacement for Halford, and Lane

struggles to cope with the secret he's been keeping.


Episode Three - Queen and Country

UCOS reinvestigate the

death of Annabel Tilson, a diplomat in the Foreign Office whose body was

discovered in a frozen river on Christmas Day 2008. Having suffered a

miscarriage and been demoted at work, Annabel's death was presumed to be

suicide. This view is shared by her devastated husband Eddie. However,

Annabel's eccentric twin sister Minnie is convinced that she was murdered to cover

up a conspiracy within the Foreign Office. Eddie is profoundly deaf, and

working with an interpreter prompts Detective Superintendent Standing to start

learning sign language himself in the hope of reconnecting with his deaf cousin

Danny. Meanwhile, Pullman clashes with Annabel's old boss Peter Hammond, and

starts to wonder if Minnie's conspiracy theory could be right after all.


Episode Four - The Girl Who Lived

The UCOS team's feathers

are ruffled when Steve McAndrew, a retired detective from Glasgow, descends on

the office like a bundle of Scottish energy. Brought in to reinvestigate one of

his original cases -the disappearance of teenager Georgia Wright - McAndrew's

policing methods raise a few eyebrows. And he has a few tricks up his sleeve that

make Brian and Gerry look like slaves to the rule book.


Episode Five - Body of Evidence

When the body of missing

computer expert Martin Longthorn turns up in the morgue of a teaching hospital

under a false name and address, the UCOS team find themselves drawn into the

unfamiliar world of online hacktivists. Martin worked for the Metropolitan

Police and his disappearance caused concern at the time. Why was his body

hidden -and by whom? Meanwhile, Lane finds it difficult to accept McAndrew as

the new UCOS team member and Esther is forced to intervene.


Episode Six - Love Means Nothing in Tennis

UCOS investigate the case

of 16-year-old tennis champion Alice Kemp, who fell to her death from the

balcony of a penthouse apartment after losing a crucial match. As the team delves

into this competitive world, Standing wonders if he did enough to encourage his

own daughter's sporting ambitions.


Episode Seven - Dead Poets

UCOS re-open the case of

Sean Docherty, a talented young poet whose burnt body was discovered ten years

ago in the scrapyard of a known gangster. While Standing is convinced that the

murder is related to Docherty's criminal connections, Lane is sure that the

answer lies in his poetry.


Episode Eight - Blue Flower

UCOS investigate the

murder of Max Klein, an East German immigrant whose mysterious last words

translated as 'blue flower'. As the team piece together Max's remarkable story,

Pullman attempts to gain the trust of his estranged daughter Mia.


Episode Nine - Part of a Whole

Thirty years ago,

Strickland and a group of his associates, including Stephen Fisher, were

involved in a covert operation on behalf of MI5. Now, someone is trying to kill

all the members of that group and Strickland turns to the UCOS team for help.


Episode 10 - Glasgow UCOS

Standing and McAndrew

travel to Glasgow, where a new UCOS section is being established. While there,

they agree to help investigate the unsolved murder of a bookie called James

Soutar, and the case brings McAndrew face-to-face with an old adversary.



Hustle season eight includes:


Episode One

The grifters take on Dexter Gold, the greedy, smooth

talking owner of a corrupt gold exchange. The con is to pose as a renegade army

unit in possession of a hundred bars of stolen Libyan gold but can they pull it

off without reprisals? Meanwhile someone's defaced Eddie's prized picture of

Ian Rush and he's barring the gang from his bar until the culprit owns up.


Episode Two

Mickey has been taken prisoner by notorious gangster and international

art collector Petre Sava who wrongly believes the gang was behind the theft of

his stolen Picasso. Now Ash and the others have a race against time to locate

the missing painting and return it before Mickey becomes Sava's next victim.


Episode Three

The gang plans an inheritance scam to bring down their

latest mark but is unaware that they're simultaneously being targeted by

corrupt cop DI Fisk. When Fisk blackmails Sean's ex-girlfriend into

infiltrating the group and dividing their loyalties it looks as if Mickey is

about to be sent down. Could it really be one of his own team who's willing to betray



Episode Four

Mickey implements an unorthodox con to target sham

health-product salesmen, Dean and Dana Deville. They're going to sell the

Devilles a fake diet treatment but two heists, a long convincer and a lot of

weight loss make for a risky endeavor. Perhaps this time the grifters really have

gone too far...?


Episode Five

A visit to one of Albert's old haunts leads the gang to

target Dale Ridley, a disgraced game show presenter turned property developer with

a fondness for bribery. Their plan is to maneuver Ridley into paying a bribe to

secure the sale of his old television studios but the arrival of Ash's cheeky,

eleven-year-old godson threatens to derail the whole con.


Episode Six

Mickey thinks he's found the ultimate mark in multi-millionaire

Gulf businessman Madani Wasem who's ripe for a stock market scam. But Wasem

isn't just rich, he's also highly dangerous and the stakes are as high as

they've ever been. It's the end of the road for Mickey and the gang but will

they go out in a shower of money or a hail of bullets?





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