Angela Bassett Narrated Documentary ‘Remand’ Makes World Broadcast TV Premiere Oct. 18 on KCET and Link TV Telling Story of Ugandan Teenager Languishing in Prison For Two Murders He Didn’t Commit

Allison Gray

Part of Empowering October Lineup of LINK VOICES Documentaries

Tumusiime Henry and Jim Gash. Photo Courtesy of Remand Film
Tumusiime Henry and Jim Gash. Photo Courtesy of Remand Film



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Burbank, Calif. – Sept. 19, 2017 - KCETLink Media Group, a leading national independent nonprofit public broadcast and digital network, announced today the Oct. 18 world broadcast television premiere of the award-winning Revolution Pictures film “Remand” as part of KCET and Link TV’s documentary series LINK VOICES. “Remand” is a true story of an African boy, an American lawyer and their long road to justice narrated by Angela Bassett. The film tells the firsthand account of Pepperdine University School of Law Professor Jim Gash and Ugandan teenager Tumusiime Henry, separated not only by an ocean and thousands of miles, but also differing cultures and life experiences, who met and worked together to inspire justice reform for an entire country.

LINK VOICES provides a unique collection of documentaries that show a medley of perspectives, untold stories and regional flavors. This impactful documentary series launches in October with a compelling mix of topics that range from systemic changes in the criminal justice system to gender inequality in women’s sports. LINK VOICES airs nationally on Link TV (DirecTV 375 and Dish Network 9410) and KCET (Southern California) Wednesdays in October at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Online hubs at KCET.org/LinkVoices and LinkTV.org/LinkVoices offer streaming windows for many of the documentary releases and invites viewers to engage with the issues through web extras that include additional images, videos and interviews with the various directors.

The lineup for LINK VOICES in October is as follows (subject to change):

Fight Like a Girl (Oct. 11)

Told from a first person perspective, “Fight Like A Girl” is about women overcoming their demons through boxing, while telling a larger story about abuse, trauma, mental illness and healing. In a gritty, first-person narrative that was shot over a period of five years, filmmaker Jill Morley delves inside the little-known world of female boxers to meet the women who are passionate about fighting hard. She gets pulled in to this culture as she trains for the New York Golden Gloves. From world champions to amateurs training for local tournaments, Jill discovers they all have a lot in common. Not available for streaming.

Remand (Oct. 18)

Tumusiime Henry, a Ugandan teenager, was serving time for two murders he didn't commit when the Sudreau Global Justice Program at the Pepperdine School of Law and Professor Jim Gash get involved and take on the criminal justice system of an entire country. The long road to justice led to sweeping changes in the Ugandan criminal justice system and benefited thousands of people, including Henry and several other prisoners desperate for justice. Their stories are told in this film. Narrated by actress Angela Bassett. Available to stream online at KCET.org and LinkTV.org following the broadcast.

Underexposed: A Women’s Skateboarding Documentary (Oct. 25)

Professional skateboarder Amelia Brodka examines the skateboarding industry's approach to how it markets, promotes and supports women in this sport. The documentary is an examination of the current availability to female athletes in action sports, with the hope of promoting increased opportunities for girls and women to pursue skateboarding. Interviewees include: Stave Caballero, Ed Templeton, Lance Mountain, Elissa Steamer as well as representatives from Thrasher, TransWorld Skateboarding, Sole Technology and Osiris.  Available to stream online at KCET.org and LinkTV.org following the broadcast.

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