Explore Southern California’s Hidden Gems With New 30-Minute On-Air Special SOCAL WANDERER Airing August 7 on KCET

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Features Local Hot Spots and Interesting People

From Anacapa Island, Ventura and Ojai;

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Rosey Alvero host of SOCAL WANDERER. Photos courtesy of KCET
Rosey Alvero host of SOCAL WANDERER. Photos courtesy of KCET



Also streaming on YouTube, Amazon, Roku and Apple TV

Burbank, Calif. – July 9, 2018 – KCET, the nation’s largest independent public television station, announced today a new 30-minute broadcast special and digital initiative exploring Southern California called SOCAL WANDERER. What started on KCET.org as a popular online blog sharing fantastic destinations and hidden gems, has now morphed into an on-air show that is an insider’s guide to the land of sunshine. Host Rosey Alvero examines the rich history, culture and landscape of the region by connecting with engaged enthusiasts and local experts. SOCAL WANDERER will premiere on Tues., Aug. 7 at 8 p.m. on KCET in Southern California.

The episode will also be released digitally on kcet.org/socalwanderer as three segments that will stream starting on Tues., Aug. 7. Supporting the episode will be additional digital content including an interactive map, an article on the Ventura harbor and a guide to the increasingly popular tourist destination of Ojai.

SOCAL WANDERER’s “Anacapa to Ojai” follows Rosey Alvero as she takes a ferry to Anacapa Island and learns about the fascinating history and ecology of Channel Islands National Park. She then visits the Ventura Harbor before riding her bike into Ojai for dinner. She finishes the night stargazing at Thacher Observatory.

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*KCET is expected to merge with PBS SoCal, subject to regulatory approvals, by mid-2018.


Rosey is always the curious adventurer up for any quest and seeks to learn from and empower those she meets on her travels. Growing up between San Francisco and Manila, she has since lived all over the world and thus developed a traveler’s intuition and sense of curiosity. She is a co-founder of Cache Cache, a female-driven culinary and moving image centered experiential concept; a result of her belief that food and travel can bring people together. Over the past decade, she has taken her skills to professional kitchens across the globe, with extended stays in New York, Paris, Brussels, Manila, and San Francisco. She is thrilled to explore the Los Angeles region as the face of SOCAL WANDERER for KCET.



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