Globe Trekker Airs Tuesday Nights in March on KCET

Burbank, CA - February 28, 2013 - Tuesday

nights just got tropical! Beginning

March 5, at 9 p.m
. KCET will be airing Globe

the travel series that transports viewers to unforgettable

destinations through its stunning photography, rhythmic indigenous music and

spirit of adventure.




airs every Tuesday directly following the island-themed BBC detective series, Death in Paradise, kicks off with episodes

spotlighting island living in destinations such as the Caribbean islands,

Puerto Rico, Panama and Colombia. With several charismatic hosts including

KCET's Global L.A. personalities,

Brianna Barnes and Zay Harding, Globe

explores everything from big-city landmarks to exotic sights in

remote villages.

Globe Trekker Episode Descriptions:

March 5: "Caribbean Island: St. Lucia, Martinique &


Zoe Palmer visits the spectacularly beautiful islands of St Lucia, Martinique

and Montserrat. Surrounded by stunning rainforests, mountains and volcanoes

with a hybrid of English, African and French heritage, these islands deserve

their reputation as one of the top vacation spots in the world.


March 12: "Puerto Rico"

Zay visits San Juan, the El Yunque National Forest, the Camuy River Caves

National Park and the coffee-producing central highlands. Along the way he

discovers why Puerto Rico is known as the "island of enchantment," boasting

sun-kissed beaches, dramatic mountains, a rich colonial history, and great



March 19: "Panama & Colombia"

Megan takes a trip through Colombia and Panama, two countries that are

refreshingly untouched by mass tourism. In Panama City, Megan tries different

Panama hats, which she learns are really from Ecuador but were misnamed as far

back as the1850s when Americans were building the railroad during the Gold

Rush. She visits the Panama Canal, the crucial byway that generates $1 billion

a year for the Panamanian economy. In Colombia, Megan finds herself witness to

a point-blank shooting. Undeterred, she decides to learn more about the

country's crime-ridden history. She stops by Bogota's police museum to see an

exhibition of the infamous drug dealer Pablo Escobar, and then visits the

Caribbean coast and the beautiful historic city of Cartagena, where she learns

about the city's Spanish colonial past and listens to some of Colombia's most

popular rhythms, Vallenato. 


March 26: "Globe Trekker Special: The Making of Globe Trekker"

Go behind the scenes of Globe Trekker to find out how the world's longest running

and most popular travel series is made. Viewers will join a crew on the road to

witness the logistical challenges of shooting this series, hearing the

perspectives of hosts, producers, directors and crew. They'll also uncover

never-before-seen moments from shoots over the years. 





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