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Huell Howser primetime scheduling will feature two back-to-back episodes every weekday that will highlight the best of Huell Howser through the years featuring some of the most rarely seen episodes from both CALIFORNIA’S GOLD and VISITING WITH HUELL HOWSER. This programming block will air every Mon.- Fri., at 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. PT.  

Howser produced more than 1,000 episodes of various public television series (including CALIFORNIA’S GOLD and VISITING WITH HUELL HOWSER) over the course of 30 years. Working in partnership with Chapman University, which owns the rights to the Huell Howser Archive since the time of Howser’s death in 2013, KCET will treat Southern Californians to this binge-worthy event to ensure that Howser is forever immortalized through his television series dedicated to preserving the culturally diverse and rich history of California.




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