KCET Celebrates Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual (LGBT) Pride Month in June

Burbank, CA -- May 24, 2013 - Throughout

June, KCET will feature inspiring documentaries in honor of Lesbian, Gay,

Bisexual, Transsexual (LGBT) Pride month. These programs
bring awareness and understanding about the

LGBT experience in America and other countries while highlighting the

individuals and groups that have made an impact in this community.

Inlaws & Outlaws - Wednesday, June 12 at 9 p.m.

This award-winning documentary weaves

together the true stories of couples and singles, gay and straight, to embrace

what we have in common: love. While timely and topical, the film dispenses with

the politics and judgments that often divide us and focuses, instead, on the

experiences of everyday storytellers -ages 4 to 80. The feature is accompanied

by a short, "Just Marriage: From Outlaws to Inlaws". As the topic of same-sex

marriage has moved center stage over the past eight years, so too have the

lives of Inlaws & Outlaws' subjects. Filmmaker and storyteller Drew Emery

carries the stories to the present in an engaging companion to the feature.

I Am - Wednesday,

June 19 at 9 p.m.

What would you do if you found out

that your child is gay? Having lost the opportunity to come out to her own

mother, an Indian lesbian filmmaker, now living in the US, travels across India

to meet with parents of other gay and lesbian South Asians. I Am is a personal and revealing film

that journeys to a country where being gay was until very recently a criminal

and punishable offence. With daring determination and humor, parents in India

share untold stories of their gay and lesbian children that have thus far

remained in the realm of secrecy and silence. This innovative film reflects a

challenge that is facing a global community and addresses the relevant social

justice issue that questions assumptions and brings new international dialogue

around sexuality and human rights.

United In Anger - Wednesday, June 26 at 9 p.m.


in Anger

combines startling archival footage that puts the audience on the ground with

the activists and the remarkably insightful interviews from the ACT UP Oral

History Project to explore ACT UP (the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) from a

grassroots perspective. It shares how a small group of men and women of all

races and classes, came together to change the world and save each other's

lives. The film takes the viewer through the planning and execution of a half

dozen exhilarating major actions, including: Seize Control of the FDA; Stop the

Church; and Day of Desperation, with a timeline of many of the other zaps and

actions that forced the U.S. government and mainstream media to deal with the

AIDS crisis. This documentary reveals the group's complex culture - meetings,

affinity groups, and approaches to civil disobedience mingle with profound

grief, sexiness, and the incredible energy of ACT UP.

A Family Like Mine - Wednesday, June 26 at 10:30 p.m.

This mini documentary explores the

life and experiences of children growing up with same sex parents in a society

where homosexuality is a constant topic of controversy. Katherine Kearns, the

director of the film, shares her own account of growing up as an adopted child

of a single gay man, and exposes the stories of others who were raised by LGBT

couples. A Family Like Mine captures

the hardships and blessings of growing up with gay parents and highlights that

although the family structures featured are

unconventional, one key thing they have in common with the traditional family

structure is the love they share for their children.



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