KCETLink and USC Libraries Launch Los Angeles Archival History Video Series

L.A. as Subject Collections Connect Angelenos with the


Past and Create Context for its Future



- May 31, 2013 - KCETLink and The USC

Libraries have partnered to create a series of online videos drawing upon the

collections of libraries, museums, and private archives that make up the L.A.

as Subject research group. The inaugural episodes, titled

reveal the history

of Angels Flight and other incline railways that once fulfilled an essential

transportation function throughout Los Angeles.


The first installment covers the Angels Flight and

Court Flight railways, or funiculars, in downtown Los Angeles. Future episodes

tell the stories of Mt. Washington, Catalina Island and Echo Mountain railways.


"The resources found in USC's and L.A. as

Subject's archives have played a vital role in understanding the region's past

and sense of place," said Zach Behrens, editor-in-chief of blogs for KCETLink.

"They have an important place in storytelling and contextualizing today's



"USC supports the global community of scholars who

study Los Angeles and Southern California," said Catherine Quinlan, dean of the

USC Libraries. "This series with KCET will showcase to a wide audience the role

of the USC Libraries--as well as that of L.A. as Subject--as vital resources for

understanding Los Angeles' past, present and future as a Pacific Rim



Collections from the USC Libraries, the Los Angeles

Public Library, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Library and

Archive appear in the debut episode of Incline L.A.

Subsequent installments will include collections from several other L.A. as

Subject member archives.



Masters of the USC Libraries writes and directs the Incline L.A. series, working with a production team from

KCETLink. The USC Libraries are the host institution for the L.A. as Subject

organization, which has collaborated with KCET for more than two years on their

Southern California-themed SoCal Focus








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