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Burbank, Calif. - Sept. 9, 2013 -The backroom deals, personal drama and government scheming

are back in the highly anticipated third season of the internationally

acclaimed political drama series, Borgen,

which will premiere in the U.S. exclusively Friday, Oct. 4 on KCET at 10

p.m. PDT and on Link TV at 7 p.m. EST.
The 10, hour-long episodes of the

BAFTA award-winning Danish series will also stream online at www.kcet.org/Borgen and www.linktv.org/Borgen for two weeks following

each broadcast date.



"smart and compelling" by The Los

Angeles Times
, "compulsively watchable" by Vulture, and "the best political show ever" by The

Daily Beast
Borgen initially launched in the U.S. on

Link TV in 2011, and the series quickly gained an ardent stateside fan base and

high critical acclaim. With seasons one and two airing on KCET and Link TV

since May 2013, Borgen has continued

to build momentum, becoming the top-viewed show page on kcet.org--ever. The

series is broadcast in Danish with English subtitles.


Borgen's third season introduces fans to a

very different Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen). The

former prime minister of Denmark, Birgitte has left the world of politics and

is now a highly paid speaker in business circles.

Will Birgitte be content in her new

life in business or be drawn back to politics?
How has her tumultuous marriage fared?

While "Borgen" used to be her place of work as party chair and head of state,

it has now become the object of her desires. Will she find her way back

into office?



recipient of the 2012 BAFTA International Award and the 2013 Monte Carlo

Television Festival Award for "Best European Drama Series," Borgen uncovers a world of political

gamesmanship, the intricate public and private lives of politicians, media

spinners, and the reporters who traffic in their triumphs and failures. The series stars Sidse Babett Knudsen

as Birgitte Nyborg Christensen; Pilou Asbæk as troubled spin doctor, Kasper

Juul; and Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, as ambitious news anchor, Katrine Fønsmark.

The show is created and written by producer Adam Price and co-writers Jeppe

Gjervig Gram and Tobias Lindholm. It is produced by DR, the Danish public

broadcaster that produced the international Danish hit series, The




more information, including episode broadcast and streaming dates, Web extras,

character maps, episode recaps, behind-the-scenes videos and downloadable still

photos, see www.kcet.org/Borgen or www.linktv.org/Borgen.






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Oct. 4 + 7, 2013: EPISODE

21 - "In Denmark I Was Born"

Birgitte Nyborg has left

the world of politics and is now a highly-paid speaker in business circles. In

her private life, she is still divorced but her relationship with her

ex-husband Phillip has developed into a good friendship. Birgitte gradually

becomes more affected by the political situation in Denmark and it pains her to

see how her old party, the Moderates, has changed course. Birgitte seeks out

Katrine Fønsmark to offer her a job as her press secretary, and together with

Sejrø, Birgitte begins to plan a comeback.

Oct. 11 + 14, 2013: EPISODE

22 - "With Law Shall Nation Be Built"

It is never easy to

recover from a defeat; Birgitte is forced to recognize this after Jacob Kruse's

victory in the battle for the leadership of the Moderates. However, Birgitte

has not lost her political ambitions and quietly chooses to start a new party.

She allies herself with members from the New Right and the Moderates and

declares that it is their common goal to bring dialogue and conversation back

into Danish politics. 

Oct. 18 + 21, 2013: EPISODE

23 - "The Right Shade of Brown"

Chaos and confusion rule

in the party rooms of the New Democrats when Birgitte arrives for work. There

are too many conflicting hopes and opinions for one party to contain. Katrine

begins the search for party spokespersons and at the same time, Birgitte is

having a problem with one of her hands, sometimes losing sensation in some of

her fingers.

Oct. 25 + 28, 2013: EPISODE

24 - "One Man's Loss"

Birgitte is forced to

recognize that ethics and economics can be difficult things to deal with when,

she begins to discuss the quality and animal treatment of Danish pig

production. In order to learn as much as possible about the pig farming

industry, Katrine takes Birgitte to visit her brother who is a pig breeder.

Meanwhile, Katrine's family life becomes further complicated when she confronts

Kasper with the lingerie she found in his flat.

Nov. 1 + 4, 2013: EPISODE

25 - "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery"

For Birgitte, there is

unrest in her own ranks when the sex trade is placed on the agenda. In

Copenhagen, police have found three women who have been locked up and forced

into prostitution. The case causes a discussion on the need for a law

prohibiting the purchase of sex in Denmark. Brigitte's views on the issue are

put to the test when she discovers Jeremy has taken advantage of offers by

prostitutes in the past. Meanwhile, Torben is facing ethical problems over his

affair with a colleague.  

Nov. 8 + 11, 2013: EPISODE

26 - "Sins Of The Past"

The adversity that the New

Democrats have been encountering turns into progress when they discover that

they now have enough signatures to register for election. However, this brings

new challenges to the party, since they lack candidates for the constituencies.

There is unfortunately little progress to be seen in Birgitte's personal life,

as things are further complicated when she goes to the doctor and receives a

foreboding diagnosis. 

Nov. 15 + 18, 2013: EPISODE

27 - "The Drop"

One piece of bad luck

rarely comes alone, as Birgitte must acknowledge when Lars Hesselboe calls an

election with fifteen months still to go in his government's term of office. In

addition to the problems that have arisen in connection with the unexpected

election campaign, Birgitte is also struggling with the after-effects of the

surgery and refuses to tell anyone what has happened. The pressure soon becomes

too much.

Nov. 22 + 25, 2013: EPISODE

28 - "One Has A Point Of View" 

Election day is fast

approaching, and the opposition, which consists of the Labor Party, the Green

Party, and the New Democrats, needs to find a common policy if they are to

appear as strong as the government. However, trouble brews within the New

Democrat Party when they find out there's a mole within their ranks. Meanwhile,

Birgitte finally reveals to her staff the reason for her emotional breakdown on

TV1. Torben's problems in his personal life are mounting.

Nov. 29 + Dec. 2,

2013: EPISODE 29 - "Sense and Sensibility"

The nearing general

election has both politicians and the media fully occupied. The New Democrats

face a branding problem because the Danish people have a hard time

distinguishing between them and the Moderates. Birgitte plans to go on the

offensive but a major smear campaign begins against her. On the personal front,

Birgitte receives good news from her doctor -- but another discovery has her





Dec. 6 + 9, 2013: EPISODE

30 - "The Election"

It is election day in

Denmark! Following her victory in the previous day's debate over the chairman

of the Moderates, Birgitte has high hopes for today's results. However, the

election is not the only thing on her mind. Although Birgitte has been declared

healthy, she has discovered a new lump beside the operation scar she received

during cancer treatment. Katrine's day also starts rather hectically when she

wakes up beside a colleague who is twenty years older than her. 


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