KCETLink Presents Two Riveting Documentaries, 'My Brother the Jihadist' and 'My Brother the Terrorist'


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KCETLink Presents Two Riveting Documentaries,

'My Brother the Jihadist' and 'My Brother the Terrorist'


Documentaries Follow the Remarkable Stories of Two Stepbrothers - 

One an Extreme Jihadist Convicted of Terrorism and the Other a Filmmaker Chronicling His Brother's Transformation


Burbank, CA - Feb. 9, 2015 -KCETLink, a leading national independent public broadcast and digital network, will present two thought provoking documentaries from British filmmaker Robb Leech that offer a disturbing look at terrorism through a familial lens.  KCET will rebroadcast MY BROTHER THE JIHADIST, which examines the life of an unlikely Islamic extremist through the eyes of his stepbrother. Then, KCET will premiere MY BROTHER THE TERRORIST, which seeks to further explain what triggered Leech's stepbrother and others like him into radicalization, after he is convicted of preparing terrorism acts.   The two films will air back-to back on both KCET and Link TV on Wed., Feb 25.



Wed., Feb. 25 8:30 p.m. on KCET (Southern California)

Wed., Feb. 25 8 p.m. ET/PT on Link TV (DirecTV 375 and DISH Network 9410)     


This gripping documentary by British filmmaker Robb Leech chronicles his attempt to reconnect with his stepbrother Richard Dart after Dart converts to radical Islam. Both men grew up in a middle-class English upbringing, but Leech is astounded and confused by the path taken by his stepbrother. Over the course of 12 months, Leech sets out to understand why his stepbrother fundamentally changed his life and beliefs to become an Islamic extremist. Dart was an ordinary, white, middle-class boy from an English seaside town until he moved away. His family learned through the media that Dart had become a radical Islamist, changing his name to Salahuddin. Leech follows Dart to demonstrations, gatherings and into conversations with like-minded Islamists. The film exposes Leech's attempt to reconnect with his stepbrother as he watches in vain for any lessening of Dart's hostility toward his country and fellow citizens. As Leech spends time with Salahuddin (Dart), he witnesses a very particular phenomenon - the embrace of radical Islamism by young men--many of them white. Their story continues in the follow-up film, MY BROTHER THE TERRORIST.


For more information on My Brother the Jihadist visit:http://www.kcet.org/shows/my_brother_the_jihadist/ (KCET)

https://www.linktv.org/programs/my-brother-the-jihadist (Link TV)



Wed., Feb. 25, 9:30 p.m. on KCET (Southern California)

Wed., Feb. 25, 9 p.m. ET/PT on LinkTV  (DirecTV 345 and DISH Network 9410)     


This film continues the story from MY BROTHER THE JIHADIST when British citizen Richard Dart, now known as Salahuddin, received a six year jail sentence for preparing for acts of terrorism in April 2013. Having previously sought to understand what made Dart reject everything his family and country stood for, Leech now wants to know what, if anything, could have kept him from this fate. Leech's journey takes him from London to known international hotbeds of Islamic radicalism. Leech's personal investigation starts with Anjem Choudary, the controversial cleric who led Dart's journey into radical Islam. Leech also seeks out imam and psychologist Alyas Karmani to understand what drives young British-born men and women into radical jihadism. He eventually confronts Choudary about his role in Salahuddin's radicalization.


For more information on My Brother the Terrorist visit:

http://www.kcet.org/shows/my_brother_the_terrorist/ (KCET)

https://www.linktv.org/programs/my-brother-the-terrorist (Link TV)



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